Solutions to disputes related to nuclear weapons

Armed conflicts had unleashed around the world. Some countries therefore use nuclear weapons to defend themselves despite their serious consequences. What to know about nuclear weapons? Why their use causes disputes and how can they be resolved? The answers to these questions in the rest of this article.

What you need to know about these weapons

Any weapon that uses energy after splitting the nucleus of certain atoms in half is considered nuclear. In fact, atoms like uranium provoke important reactions during this process. These reactions lead to an important release of energy. This is why nuclear weapons cause damage and destroy everything in their path. In 2017 several military powers have it. These are the United States, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and India. Israel also has it but is not officially recognized. The country whose acquisition of nuclear weapons has given rise to several political conflicts is Iran. This country had indeed launched its nuclear program around 1950 thanks to aid from European countries and the United States. With the advancement of nuclear weapon technology more efficient are manufactured. According to some experts, the spread of these weapons will have more serious consequences on our planet than climate change. What then to do not to reach this stage?

The approaches to solutions to these misunderstandings.

The use of these weapons in war or during nuclear tests has several consequences. Between 1947 and 1989, during the Cold War, the use of these weapons caused several damages. The ozone layer is affected, the radiation then aggravates this situation. The risk of developing cancer increases with the use of these weapons. In addition, the environment and all living species on land or in the water are threatened. It is important that steps are taken to avoid the worst. Sanctions must be taken against countries that do not respect the various treaties. The great powers must no longer rule out other nations during negotiations. Economic and political interests must come before the health of humans. The United States and Russia have an important role in this framework. For example, the Iranian nuclear industry, which is the subject of conflicts of interest.