Health - Tips for diarrhea in infants

Tips for diarrhea in infants

Taking care of your infant is a crucial duty for parents. Nevertheless, disturbances sometimes occur and cause several consequences. Among these are diarrhea. What to know about this disease and how to treat it? The remainder of this article provides answers to these questions. What to know about diarrhea in infants Diarrhea in infants is manifested by feces which are abnormally and frequently released as liquid. According to studies, 80% of recorded cases are due to viruses. In addition, a large amount of cow's milk knowing its composition can cause such diarrhea. This disease causes dehydration in the infected infant characterized by the loss of water and mineral salts. The infant loses a large amount of these two substances during diarrhea. As a consequence, he can vomit a lot, refuse...