Which video or adventure games to choose ?

Other / Monday, July 25th, 2022

Today we all know it and it is inevitable, games are an integral part of our daily lives. From the joy to the virtual reality they give us, we pretend to have real experiences rather than doing this experimentation in real life. Discover in this article a panel of games that you can play and make a profit.


Before unearthing the advantages of this game, it is important to point out that Geoguessr is neither downloadable nor installable. It is a game that is played only online and on the platform https://www.geoguessr.com/. Based on its description, the objective is to detect the places that the game offers on the graph. It can be any country in the world, the main thing is to be able to identify it. At the end of each game and taking into account your different answers, you will earn points. These are counted as you give better answers. But before you start, you absolutely must choose your plot because the game exists in free and paid versions.

Mini royal

The second game in our selection is called Mini Royale. It is a virtual entertainment game available on the NFT Fractal game site. To play, you must form your own team to allow you to win the fights while challenging other teams. When you win a challenge or competition, you are rewarded with valuable units like tokens. With Mini Royale, you can still generate money while having control over the opposing clan.

The chess game

The game of chess or chess is a game played by two and through a chessboard consisting of 64 squares painted successively black and white. In turn, each of the two players tries to execute their piece in order to create a somewhat alternate environment. For convenience, it is the player who has the white pieces who starts the game. Know that in the game of chess, it is not allowed to miss his turn, when the turn of a player comes, he must obligatorily to play. It should be noted that each of the players has 16 panels to his credit, which makes a total of 32 pieces on the board. Long before each game, each player arranges his pieces respectively in the boxes.