What are the best Japanese clothing brands?

Other / Monday, November 29th, 2021

Japanese clothing fashion is quite varied. Having a dress code that was originally traditional, Japan began to diversify in the field after World War II. Today, the country has several high fashion houses with a worldwide reputation. To better discover them, here is the presentation of some brands.

The brand '' like boys

Despite its name in French, the brand was well created by a Japanese named Rei Kawakubo in 1969. He was a stylist who started his career in a Parisian fashion house and he also made japanese jacket mens.
The brand offers a complete range of clothing for men. The color of these works in suit varies between black, gray and white. The house offers clothes that have an original style both Japanese and Western. Having collaborated with many international brands such as Louis Vuitton, Nike, Lacoste, the ready to wear has enough professional experience.
For special occasions, Japanese and foreigners alike can find something to suit their needs by buying the brand's clothes.

The brand ''Nanamica

This brand is much more specialized in the manufacture of sportswear. The models it offers are both simple and innovative. Their line of clothing is open to all whether it is for nationals or foreigners.
The objective of this brand is to provide its customers with a certain joie de vivre through these clothes. Thus, the Nanamica brand offers jogging suits, shirts, three quarters as well as pants for men. They are of a very high quality because they have been designed with the best that have been manufactured in their turn in the best factories.
Nanamica is a reference in Japanese fashion because it promotes Japan through its clothes. By adopting it, Japanese people will feel fashionable and look good. The same goes for anyone who wants to change their clothing style.