The design of exhibition stands

Other / Sunday, July 18th, 2021

Displaying your items at the trade show or other outdoor marketing events doesn’t sound professional.  You need an exhibition stand with various decorations to catch the eye of visitors.  This article offers you in five (05) steps the realization and design of the stand at STANDECOR located in France.

 The design of the exhibition stand

The design of the exhibition booth is essential for your booth to dazzle, have an impact and increase the visibility of your brand.  It attracts, captivates and generates great satisfaction.  It gives rise to very large sales possibilities, thus attracting many visitors, both suppliers, customers and potential buyers.  In fact, there are several  structures in France that can help you design your exhibition stands.

 The stand design at STANDECOR in 5 processes

 1-Design the stand

One of the main goals is the creativity and design of the stands.  This allows you to have great visual effects and your branding.  Standecor will help you with satisfaction guarantees and will be able to provide you with the elements and products necessary for a perfect realization.

 2-The production of the stand design

STANDECOR is mainly dedicated to the design of designer stands which uses wood as the main element.  However, he also makes modular stands based on aluminum structures.

 3- The construction of the design stand

The STANDECOR team realizes the design stands mainly with wood from sustainable forests certified FSC or PEFC.  Wood can be used in different ways to build the design or modular stand.

 4- The design of the stand assembly

Here it is about setting up the stand during the fair and this in optimal conditions.  Indeed, the assembly of a stand design is the most crucial part, as it takes an average of 3 days to complete it.  It is therefore essential to refer to a company like STANDECOR to avoid surprises.

 5- The dismantling of the design stand

The last process and the last step.  When it comes to disassembling the design stands, it’s the reverse of assembly, but there are a few protocols.  It is just desirable to do it on time and within the set deadline in order to avoid any kind of fine.