How to choose your handpan?

Other / Thursday, August 4th, 2022

A good handpan lets you hear good music. However, there are many handpans on sale and making a choice becomes difficult. Because of this, it is advisable to base your choice on their characteristics.

Consider the steel of the handpan

The major feature of a handpan is its steel. So, when you see a handpan for sale, your choice should be made based on it. Indeed, a handpan can be made of nitrided steel, as well as stainless steel. A handpan made of nitrided steel has shorter notes and sounds louder. A stainless steel handpan, on the other hand, has longer notes and a deeper sound. However, a stainless handpan is more resistant to rust than a non-stainless one.

Consider the frequency and number of notes of the handpan

There are handpans with a frequency of 432 Hz, as there are handpans with a frequency of 440 Hz. On the other hand, 432 Hz frequency handpans are often useful for relaxing, soothing music. Those with a frequency of 440 Hz are more commonly used. They are more in tune with other musical instruments. In fact, for a good melody, a handpan also depends on the number of notes. Opt more for handpans with a maximum of ten notes. These allow you to vary the notes during the chords to get a good tune.

Consider the maintenance of the handpan and its own needs

A handpan for its strength and effectiveness lies in its maintenance. For a nitrided steel handpan for example, you need to clean and oil it after use. For a stainless steel handpan, you hardly need to oil it. Maybe once in passing. In reality, it is not only the quality of the handpan that counts, but also the choice of the handpan according to your needs. On that note, if your intentions are to play externally, go for a handpan made of nitrided steel. If your intentions are to play anywhere, choose a stainless steel handpan.