How to choose the right pan?

Other / Monday, December 6th, 2021

The usefulness of a frying pan in a kitchen is no longer to present. However, the criteria for choosing a frying pan are still a bit vague, as these utensils are almost all alike. Your choice of frying pan may botch your dish if the utensil is designed with materials that are not adapted to your burning method. Our point on the criteria for choosing a frying pan therefore comes at a standard time to help you succeed in your recipes with this utensil.

Choosing a pan based on the type of combustion

It is true that things have evolved a lot on the side of cookware manufacturers. The new stove models that are offered on the market are suitable for any form of combustion. However, you still need to be careful when buying, especially if you are cooking on an induction cooker. Indeed, some manufacturers still ignore this technology in their design choices. So when choosing a stove on a site such as, make sure you have all the information about the types of fire the item supports.

Make a stove choice based on household size and plates

We buy a stove to treat his house with homemade dishes. It would be unwise then to choose a stove that does not allow you to meet the appetite of the members of the house. You must therefore choose a diameter that is proportional to the number of people you want to feed. As a recommendation, opt for a 20 cm pan if you need to feed 2 people. For 3 to 5 people, choose a 24 to 32 cm pan. If you need to feed more than 5 people, choose pans of at least 36 cm. Finally, the diameter of your pan should match the space available on your griddle. This factor guarantees fast and, above all, optimal cooking of dishes.

Make a choice of pan that matches the dish to be cooked

Some pans are more suitable for cooking certain dishes rather than others. Indeed, as is well known, some dishes require a particular cooking heat to provide an original taste. Depending on the materials used to manufacture the pan, you can be sure of obtaining good quality cooking. It is therefore essential that you find out what type of pan is suitable for the dishes you plan to cook with the utensil.