Discovering an emerging country: Canada

Economy / Tuesday, June 22nd, 2021

Canada is a country in North America. It is classified in the geopolitical bloc of emerging countries. What are the economic reforms that have led to this rank? How does Canada's economic model ensure such growth? The rest of this article talks about it more.

Some information to know about this country

The Canadian dollar is the currency of this country. Its Gross Domestic Product is valued in 2015 at $ 1,542.386 billion. Then its unemployment rate is -0.48%.. This country is finally famous for its serious migration policies. Several foreign nationals work in several mostly technological fields in Canada. In addition, leaders are making all kinds of efforts to ensure the well-being of Canadians. What are the structural reforms applied by the Canadian state to bring this country to this stage?

Reforms that ensure economic well-being.

The level of well-being according to sociological studies is very high in Canada. Economic growth ensures a growing Gross Domestic Product. To remedy the increase in housing prices, strict measures are being taken. Then, we must notice an improvement in the sector of work for women. Easy access to real information about employment is ensured for young people. The new policy is then to develop skills. Thus, retirements are delayed, the work is done in module. It should also be noted that there has been a significant improvement in immigration policy. A selection is in fact made and gives privilege to competent migrants. Integration facilitation is provided to nationals of other countries with migrant status. An increase in agricultural and industrial productivity is observable. Investments are also earmarked for research in capital sectors such as advanced technology and medicine. With the effects of the health crisis, no sector is spared by improvements. The State has indeed proceeded to relaunch all sectors in order to avoid bankruptcy.