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Why you should buy a column radiator

Selecting a suitable heating option for your home can have a significant impact. Not only can your choice affect the decor and appearance of a room, but it can have a financial impact too. Many studies have estimated that one of the biggest areas of financial waste is in inefficient and unsuitable heating choices.


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A column radiator is a classic heating solution with a number of advantages over other methods. There are several more modern solutions but all have their own problems. Smart systems have even been reported by BBC News as carrying a hacking risk, for example.

Read on to discover why column radiators are still considered to be one of the most efficient and reliable heating solutions in the home.


Column radiators may seem like an unoriginal choice, but they are now available in a wider variety of designs than ever. Iron is perhaps the most common finish but chrome finishes, vibrant colours, or neutral tones are all available. It is easier than ever to find a design of column radiator that suits the decor and atmosphere of your home. Whether you like a classic, understated look or prefer a contemporary style with real visual impact, you can find a design that reflects your personal tastes.


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Readily available

Due to the popularity of the column radiator, it is one of the most commonly available designs wherever you choose to shop. Trusted retailers have a wide range of products, such as those found at http://apolloradiators.co.uk/Products/View/3/54/7/category/roma/Apollo-roma-bespoke-steel-column-radiator. With so many to choose from, you are sure to find a column radiator of the size, dimensions, and design you prefer.

Highly effective design

The unique design of the column radiator makes it an especially cost-effective choice. The ridged effect allows for the maximum surface area to be heated while taking up the minimum of space. This means more stable and effective distribution of heat that won’t take up unnecessary room in the home. The design holds heat effectively with minimal waste. Be sure to position it correctly in a room and not close to any draughty areas such as doors or beneath windows to make the most of its cost-effective heating.

With a wide range of designs on the market, many reputable manufacturers, and a unique effective design, the column radiator remains a great choice.