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Why is Tor Browser safer than a proxy?

Originally named as ‘The Onion Router’, the Tor Browser allows the users to browse dark web sites or deep web sites without having to worry about their identity or anonymity on the internet. The whole Tor Network is like a decentralized system where the users can connect to the network through relays. You don’t need to establish a direct connection on the Tor Network. The advantage you get by routing your traffic via the relays is that your IP Address is hidden from websites and trackers at all times on the internet.

Advantages of using the Tor Browser

  • Open Source Software: The advantage of Tor Browser being open source software is that the code is available to all users to inspect. This greatly reduces the chance of the software containing malicious viruses or backdoors in it.
  • Protects your IP Address: The decentralized system of the Tor Network makes it impossible for anyone to track your identity or location online. Your original IP Address is always hidden on the network and anyone tracking you will only get an access to pseudo IP Addresses.
  • Supports .onion websites: The Tor browser allows you to access the websites with .onion domain. These websites are not available to access on any other web browser except the Tor Browser.
  • Extra Security Layer: The Tor Browser allows you to circumvent censorship in addition to providing you security. This extra security is available as your internet traffic is routed using three different relay servers. They are used for entering, middle portion and exit nodes.

Disadvantages of using Tor Browser

While the benefits of using the Tor browser greatly outweigh the number of disadvantages of the browser, one cannot fully ignore these disadvantages of the Tor Browser:

  • Reduce Bandwidth: Relaying your internet traffic via a number of nodes will greatly reduce your browsing speed. The more nodes you use, the more secure your identity is online but the slower your browsing speed will be.
  • No data encryption: The Tor browser doesn’t encrypt your data like Proxy servers do. This means that if anyone is able to track your online data and traffic, they can have an access to data such as usernames and passwords.
  • Not recommended to use with Torrent Clients: It is not recommended to use the Tor Browser with Torrent clients such as BitTorrent and more as they can reveal your true identity online.

Why Tor Browser is safer than proxy?

The major difference between Tor Browser and proxies is that the Tor Browser makes use of a number of nodes to route your data instead of a single node in the case of proxy. This ensures that even if one of the nodes is being watched, other nodes are still maintaining your privacy online.

However, to ensure maintaining maximum anonymity on the internet, it is advisable to use the Tor Browser and a premium VPN service simultaneously as VPN would add an encryption layer over your internet data. To choose best VPN service, you can check top 10 VPN service providers comparison by Thedarkweblinks.com.