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What you should buy only Gucci shoes?

People always want to wear branded shoes as they run high in quality, provide great comfort and moreover prove to be good in the long run. There are many good brands available in the market but it is recommended that you should make use of Gucci shoes for men. They make use of fine leather, suede and other materials that is why the quality of their shoes is out of the world.  In almost every aspect Gucci shoes are brilliant and flawless in design and best part of their shoes is that despite manufacturing good quality footwear their rates are relatively very low than the other big name companies.

More about the shoes

When it comes to shoes whether it of men section or of women you get a wide range. When it comes to shoes there are generally three categorizes of shoes that you get such as dress shoes, casual shoes and boots while further there are sub categories also available under these three sections such as –

Dress shoes – dress shoes are shoes that are considered as a formal wear means shoes which you can wear with formal clothing. Under this, there are lots of shoes available such as derby, brogue, oxford, monk, loafers.

Casual shoes – casual shoes are types of shoes that you wear with casual clothing such as extended tee, shirts, jeans and shorts. Under this section you get sneakers, slip on, boat etc.

While if you are a women the Gucci suede ankle booties in black color are perfect footwear for almost every type of clothing. Gucci suede shoes are recommended because they are high in quality while other brands may make use of cheap quality suede that may lose its charm easily. To maintain the shine and quality of suede you can also apply protective coating on it so that dirt don’t get gather on it.