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What is the ‘shelfie’ and how has it come to prominence?

Are you tired of taking selfies? Why not try taking a ‘shelfie’ instead? There are currently over 500,000 posts on Instagram that reflect the beautiful shelf life of people around the world.


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Creative arrangements of books and objects are the new way to express yourself; in fact, there are even websites that will read your ‘shelfie’ and tell you whether your hardbacks are available in digital form.

This about far more than books and objet d’art, however – the ‘shelfie’ movement is about presenting your lifestyle online. To do this, you need great shelves.

Getting the shelving right

If you have tall ceilings, consider running your shelving right to the top of the wall. You could consider bespoke joinery to make the most of underused or hard to reach spaces; however, even flatpack shelving can look good with a little customisation. Consider adding photos or funky wallpaper to the back of each bookcase, for example.

A surprisingly modern choice can be the kind of light duty shelving you can buy online from suppliers such as https://www.garage-shelving.co.uk/33-light-duty-shelving. This type of shelving is common in garages and workshops and has the advantage of being strong and cost effective. It gives a vibe not dissimilar to the classic 606 Universal Shelving System, but at a fraction of the cost.


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Books and looks

Books bring a beautiful warmth and a lived-in feel to a home, whether you display them on industrial-style light duty shelving or on a wooden bookcase. It is the objects you use to set them off that create a real ‘shelfie’. Think of it as you on a shelf, from your favourite books to the shell you picked up on a tropical beach. Don’t spoil it with clutter – invest in some good storage boxes for hiding those tatty paperbacks and magazines!

Creating the perfect shelfie

Shelfies bring together your favourite objects to create a study in textures, contrasts and colour. Whether you stick with different yellow items or show off your collection of dog-chewed tennis balls, just about anything can be collected together to make a great shelfie. Start by arranging the tallest items towards the rear of the shelf and then group the other items as you think looks best. Just point and click to create instant shelf envy!