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Trijicon Products – The Right Choice for Firearm Owners

Be it the ACOG or the Trijicon RMR, the products attributed to the scope manufacturing company has wowed the senses of firearm buyers in more ways than one. Trijicon Incorporated has created a niche position for itself as an organization manufacturing the best sighting systems. Headquartered in Michigan, it is known across the globe for many start products.

Along with the latest model of Trijicon optics, its flagship product, better known as Trijicon ACOG, is making waves in more ways than one. The Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight, or ACOG as it is commonly called, pertains to a scope that’s specifically designed for AR platforms. It is typically a scope with fixed magnification and is fit for longer range engagements. End users can largely benefit from some of the interesting features offered by the fixed magnification scope of Trijicon ACOG. For instance, its illuminated reticle is dependent upon failure prone, conventional batteries. As per experts, ACOG scope contains Tritium, a significant radioactive isotope of hydrogen; titanium is useful for providing illumination to the reticles. There are some scope models of the ACOG that have dual illumination to boast of. You may like to check these out at specialty stores for optics by Trijicon.


Omaha Outdoors, one such leading store that sells Trijicon products online, also uses illumination for reticles along with titanium for the fibers placed on its scopes. These fiber optics trap a good amount of light and transmit the same into the reticle for giving off a brighter appearance and aid in aiming. This is especially true for the Trijicon ACOG that features impressive options to make the choice of scope more effective. Then, there is the option of using BDC or a bullet drop compensator; it helps users engage with their targets from varying distances. In all probability, this is one of the best and utterly useful options that can be found on ACOG optics. The good news is that it is also manufactured by Trijicon in addition to a Trijicon RMR.

If you would like to know more about Trijicon RMR, which is basically back mounted atop the ACOG, you may like to get in touch with the representatives of sites like Omaha Outdoors. You will find different arrangements of optics that can be alternated for getting the best results ever. Are you ready to invest in the best products only?