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Trends in Bathroom Design

There are some amazing things happening to bathrooms these days. Bathrooms are a place of rest, beauty, and pampering. Both men and women love to spend time in the bathroom freshening up, preparing for a big day or unwinding. Since we honestly spend more time in our bathroom than we care to admit, why not make the bathrooms a really nice place to be? Here are a few amazing upgrades for bathrooms that we have seen:

  • The spa shower: Shower heads are getting really fun. You have a lot of options now, sometimes all in one shower head. You can choose between sprays, rain showers, or hand showers. However you choose to have your water rain down on you, it’s going to feel great. What is also going to feel great are the larger spaces in the showers themselves. Combine that with extra storage in the showers to store your shower essentials, and you might spend even more time in the shower.
  • Rustic bathroom vanities: Vanities are now conveniently divided, giving them a creative, old-fashioned look. Rustic bathroom vanities come in doubles, with a cabinet between them to give some space between you and your loved one, so you can each do your thing that you do. Outlets are also installed behind drawers so you can keep your vanity uncluttered and organized.
  • Radiant heating tiles: We’ve all heard of radiant heating, and wished it for it on many a cold morning when we first wake up. However, with radiant heating tiles, you can place them anywhere and they don’t require an expensive, complicated system to set them up. Just place the tiles where you want your feet to be warm and you are all set. Like putting Legos together, but much more practical.
  • Tucking away the toilet: No matter what it’s made with or how it’s designed, toilets by their very nature are not very pretty. They will always be functional, first and foremost. For this reason, designers are hiding them away behind frosted glass, a half wall, or even a pretty screen.
  • Vessel Sinks: Whether they are made of glass, ceramic, tile or some other interesting material, sinks that are bowl-shaped and stand on the counter, rather than level with it, are in.
  • Creative lighting: There are so many unique lighting options being seen in bathroom remodels now. Don’t be surprised by a hanging glass chandelier above a clawfoot bathtub, backlighting around a mirror, or lighting below the cabinets. You can also install smart lighting that adjusts the color and dimness of a lightbulb throughout the day without having to get up to change it.

There are so many more trends than we can name. We are starting to see more influences from other countries, higher accessibility for mixed generation households, and more energy and water efficient bathrooms. Whatever you do with your bathroom, enjoy the quiet and serenity that it affords.