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Three Natural Ingredients That Restore Sunburned Skin

The summer sun is likely to lift your mood, boost your activity level and increase your levels of Vitamin D. Yet without proper care your skin may suffer the consequences of extended days and outdoor activities. Finding the balance between exposure and protection can be difficult. Make one faulty choice and you’ll find yourself searching the internet for ways to end your screaming epidermal pain. You can end your search now. Below is a list of five natural cures for sunburn.

(Those of you who skimmed ahead are likely to have noticed that aloe isn’t on the list. Aloe’s restorative powers are well known.  Most supplements and skin treatments that are available through Unda already contain aloe. But if you are searching for an extra boost, then choose skin care products that contain one or more of these ingredients.)

  • Chamomile – When in tea form this herb eases anxiety. In its cream form this herb calms epidermal nerves. A known calmative, chamomile’s gentle scent alone can begin to make you feel so much better. Those with sensitive skin should use chamomile based products before choosing heavy hitters like honey or coconut oil. Chamomile will relax your skin first, preparing it for deeper curatives.
  • Honey – Old school sunburn treatments were likely to contain petroleum-based products. The thick, soothing oil felt like a good cure. But the thick soothing oil also captured heat, trapping it close to your skin. Unda’s contemporary homeopathic products offer alternatives to petroleum products. Honey, particularly Manuka honey, provides all the relief of a soothing compress without any of the captured heat or impurities. Honey masks help restore exposed skin while allowing your flesh to breathe.
  • Calendula – These flowers not only bend toward sunlight, they do so without losing their own brilliance. Natural anti-oxidants course through these flowers. On your skin, those same anti-oxidants will ward off infections and promote healing.

Other ingredients to look for are witch hazel, which helps clarify and cool skin, and coconut oil to smooth and hydrate. It is a good idea to hydrate your skin from the inside as well as the outside. Start drinking water as soon as you notice your skin feeling hot. Eat watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes and other fruits with high water content. Not everyone can avoid the sun. But understanding what your skin needs to recover is a sure way to continue looking your best.