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Things know about live animal shipping: services

As you know you can parcel almost everything to other countries by using courier companies. But what about pets and live animals! Can Courier Company do shipping of animals too? Yes, they do. If you want to courier to USA you can surely take services from the courier companies. However there are some rules and regulations that you have to follow before parceling any live animals. There are many countries who didn’t allow shipping any animals, so make sure that you are aware with these things.

Know about the animals that you can parcel

If you are thinking that you can parcel any live animal then you are absolutely wrong. The courier companies and custom services have strict rules about the shipping of live animals to one country to another. You can’t parcel any animal that is poisonous or dangerous for others like crocodile, snakes, birds etc. they all are strictly prohibited for shipping. But you can parcel all kinds of fish, worms, lizards, butterflies etc.Image result for Things know about live animal shipping: services

Services that you get from the courier company

As you already know that there are so many services that are offer by the courier services no matter you are talking about cheap international courier UK or from other places, just like those they offer services on shipping live animals also. Here are some listed services for more and better understanding

Different packaging – as you know you can’t wrap up the animals in plastic bags, you need a different packaging. The courier service offers different boxes that are clean and made for animals only. The boxes are carefully as they are safe for keeping an animal inside. They are made in such a way that an animal can take comfortably from one place to another. The boxes are have little holes that help in taking oxygen to the animals. However it depends on the type of animal that you are going to shipping. If you are shipping a fish then it will be in strong plastic bags, its bees or butterflies then it will be in jars or if you are shipping lizards then it will be in bags.

Ensuring the packaging – the courier services recheck everything twice before shipping your animal to abroad. The packages in which the animals are kept are tested by the experts in laborites. After passing in all test, it will given to the courier company for shipping.