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The hippies have made the Haze strains famous

People having experience of smoking cannabis would be familiar with the various strains of marijuana. The most important of the strains are the Cannabis Indica and the Cannabis Sativa strains. Every hybrid strain you create has a mixture of both the Indica and the Sativa variety. You can find the original Indica varieties in the Hindukush mountainous region around Pakistan and the Afghanistan area. It gives these strains the name, Kush strains.

The Kush strains have its origin from the Cannabis Indica group of plants. These plants are highly resinous. They are capable of delivering the heaviest of punches to the user. People seek a tremendous high in the shortest possible time prefer this particular strain of cannabis.

With the passage of time, cannabis growers tried to recreate the Kush strains in places other than the Hindukush range of mountains. They found an ideal spot in the mountainous and desert regions of California. The breeders gave this variant a new name, the OG Kush. This strain was the perfect blend of the heavy Afghani Kush and the favourite Sativa strain. Identifying these plants is easy as they are sturdy and emit an overpowering smell that is traceable from afar.  

People have the general misconception that cannabis has recreational uses alone. One has to agree that the recreation use is the most favoured one among cannabis lovers. However, the cannabis has medicinal purposes as well. The Kush strains have a proven record of treating ailments such as insomnia, stress, nausea, etc. The marijuana can serve as an excellent painkiller as well. People with lack of appetite can witness an improvement in their condition on regular use. You do see the harmful effects of the cannabis as well. People using the Kush strain regularly experience dizziness, drying of the mouth and the eyes. Some people also complain of feeling paranoid at times.

In short, the Kush strains can pack a tremendous punch strong enough to knock out a person cold in case of an overdose.

Just as the Kush strains are a pure Indica strain, we have the pure Sativa strains as well. The Haze strains are one such pure variety of the Sativa strain. As you speak of the word ‘cannabis’, the first thing that comes to mind is the image of the long-haired hippie. The Haze strains owe its popularity to the hippie culture. This group of nomadic people popularised the Haze strains and took it to all the parts of the world during their travels around the world. Of course, the original growers of the Haze strains are the haze brothers. It is how the strains got their name. The most popular hippie, Sam the Skunkman made this strain the favourite of many people all around the European continent.

There are many varieties of the Haze strains. The Purple Haze or the blue strains is the most famous strain of all. Other popular strains include the Super Silver Haze, Amnesia, Blue Dream, etc. You can get the best souvenir haze strains seeds from online websites such as Seedsupreme.com.