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Take a nap anywhere


In the world where everyone is busy following their tiresome schedule, one hardly finds time or space to take a proper nap. We lose time in wishful think, daydreaming about how good it would feel to take a nap and break free from the exasperating duties for just a little while. Sometimes it is the loud people around you, other times it is just the vibrating window of a bus or a car. It seems like the universe is conspiring against you and preventing you from stealing a quick nap. But, no more. Now, you can take a nap anywhere you want, anytime you want. Yes, you read that right. Now it is possible for you to get recharged by simply using the magnificent power pillows. There’s little a nice nap can’t fix so whenever you feel like nothing is going your way, slip one of these pillows on and lose yourself into dreamland. These pillows make for unique travel gifts as well.

  1. Ostrich Pillowscall

The creation of this product has revolutionized the manner of taking naps. It is no longer a hassle to look for a quite place to nap as once you have put Ostrich Pillow on, you can just lay your head anywhere you want and sleep will welcome you with both arms. It enables you to make your personal space within a public one. It’s soft, comfortable and easy to put on. Doesn’t matter if you are in a train, plane, car, your office, or if you are just looking for a quick nap between meetings, Ostrich Pillow doesn’t discriminate and transports you to a blissful slumber whenever you slip it on.

It is designed to fit over your head and neck and leaves open space around your nose and mouth so you can breathe properly. This design successfully blocks out all light and sounds. It also comes with pockets over the ears so that you have a place to tuck your hands if you happen to nap while leaning over a table or desk. It can be used as a normal pillow and it is extremely easy to store because it can collapse. Is it nicely made and looks durable. It is easily washable. Use only clean soap and water to wash it and don’t forget to air dry afterwards. Great for travelling purposes and relieving jet lag.

Sure, it may look like your head is fit inside a turkey but hey; it helps you nap, doesn’t it?  That’s all the reason you need to get it and also because sometimes you just need to block the world out and let yourself in.

  1. Power Nap Pillowcall

As the name suggests, this pillow is recommended for a nice, power nap. It is proven that a proper nap of 20 minutes can improve your productivity by 30%. So, not only you will get adequate rest but you will also be able to focus more. It is lightweight, cozy and convenient which makes it a perfect sleeping aid. Ever tried sleeping on your hands? Not very comfortable, is it? The Power Nap Pillow has been made just to remedy that problem. It may be less of a knock out than the Ostrich Pillow but it is impeccable in doing its job. It is extremely soft and made of smooth material. Just slip it on you desirable sleeping arm, find yourself a comfortable position and you are good to go. It goes not only on your arm but you can also fit in on your elbows or your hand. Of course, you are going to have to handwash it to keep it clean. So, the nappers out there, what are you waiting for? Don’t be shy and quickly get your hands on this beautiful product.

  1. Head Pillowcall

Is it a scarf? Is it a hat? An octopus head? No, it’s just a pillow. A pillow that is specially designed to grant you power naps. The clever, elastic drawstring of the pillow makes it possible to wear it as an adjustable neck support or you can just think of it as a sleep-mask 2.0 and use it to catch up on the sleep you’ve been losing. The elastic strap is used to adjust the size of the pillow to the diameter of your head. Commuters and frequent flyers can consider this an ultimate napping solution since it is extremely travel friendly and helps you sleep on the go. The silicon covered micro-beads filled in the pillow help in muffling of sound and thus provide a better napping experience while remaining lightweight. The fabric is soft and makes you feel cozy. This quirky napping device is portable, comfortable and practical. It’s not much to carry around, just tie it around your nag and you are done. It works like a sleeping mask, only comfier.

I can say this with conviction that these pillows have made thousands of nappers happy. Don’t you want to be one of them?