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Student Cooking Tips

Living away from home for the first time can be a real wake-up call. All of a sudden, you’re expected to do the stuff that someone else always took care of. Grocery shopping, cleaning, washing up and laundry for starters! Panic not though as here are some handy tips for beginner cooks:

Browse the internet

The internet is the perfect place for picking all manner of helpful tips and advice. YouTube has a massive range of videos for learning new ideas and cooking methods. For a great place to pick up fresh ideas and quick, simple meal options, find Food Recipes at http://food-tales.com/online-food-recipes/


Everybody has to start at the beginning. Even Gordon Ramsey wasn’t born knowing how to cook. Take your time with a recipe, ignore the preparation time stated and work at your own pace. Don’t worry if your end result looks nothing like the glossy photo – safely cooked and tasty is all you need, presentation can come later. Cooking together with your mates is not only fun but a great way to share tips and ideas for improving on a recipe.


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Cupboard Items

There are a few basic items that you should have to hand in your cupboard, which will make life much easier when it comes to cooking. They don’t have to be top of the range, expensive goods but just bog-standard pasta, couscous and rice for example. Seasoning makes a huge difference to how tasty a meal is so stock up on chopped tomatoes, pepper, mixed herbs, spices and chick peas.

Frozen is fine

Some fresh foods can be pricey and if you’re on a budget then know that frozen is fine when it comes to things like frozen fish and vegetables. Buying food this way will not only last longer, avoiding wastage but you’ll also find more economical. If you’re finding meat too expensive then think about going veggie for half the week.


While having the latest kitchen gadgets will always be appealing, you can get by easily with just a few bare essentials, including:

Set of knives

X2 Saucepans

Wooden Spoon

Veggie knife and Sharp knife

Chopping board

Frying pan or Wok (optional)


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Waste not, want not

If you’re unsure of your plans one week, don’t do a big grocery shop otherwise most of it will be wasted. Consider buying a whole chicken and separating it into portions as this generally works out cheaper than buying individual chicken breasts and thighs for example. If you do decide to buy in bulk to keep the costs down then did you know that you can freeze fresh food for up to 3 months? As long as you freeze it straight away when fresh, it will remain that way. Cooking in bulk is another option and then freezing the leftovers. This is really handy when you’re in a rush and can pull a frozen ready meal out and pop in the microwave. Cheaper, healthier and convenient!