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Some common domestic abuses

Domestic abuse is a common problem in the world. It is the abuse between the couples or any two persons. It happens when one person in the relationship tries to control the other person. Domestic abuse is committed by, and on, both women and men. The perpetrator uses fear, intimidation, humiliation, physical injury and may threaten to use physical violence. The physical violence done on a person is known as the domestic violence.

Domestic abuse occurs in all cultures, religions every kind of people, which comes from any kind of economic and racial background. This is nothing abusing a person by physical, psychological, economical and sexual way. These abuses are directed towards a person, spouse, partner or a family member.

Types of domestic violence

There are different types of domestic violence, such as

  • Physical abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • Economic abuse or financial abuse
  • Spiritual abuse

Physical Violence

In this a person attacks another person physically. For example, a man may punch his wife with his fists, or kick her if she has fallen to the ground. Weapons are also used in physical abuse like beating the other person with a stick, or shooting with a gun.

Sexual Abuse

Those who abuse others and physically violent toward their close partners are generally sexually violent as well. Hence, the sexual abuse is related to physical, sexual assault violence. Sexual assault, sexual harassment and sexual exploitation come under this category.

Emotional abuse

That is abusing the other person emotionally like playing with their emotions. Making the victim feel that there is no way out of the relationship. Isolation from friends and family also comes in emotional abuse.

Financial abuse

Abusing like insulting a person by intimating his or her financial condition. There are many cases where the wife is beaten by her husband if her financial condition is being not too good and if she is not able to fulfil his demands.

Spiritual abuse

This type of situation comes when the intimate partners are become from the different religions.

All these domestic abuse affects a person seriously and make him or her, a victim of domestic violence.