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Simple strategies for losing weight

 The older we get the harder it seems to become to shed those pesky extra kilograms. When we were in our teens and twenties we could eat pies for breakfast, lunch and supper and still maintain our figures, looking svelte and cool and never having to add extra notches to the belt on our pants. But as we start to age it become increasingly hard to keep that look – you only need to look at a pie and you feel yourself adding weight. So how does one combat this steady accumulation of excess weight without having to commit to crazy gym schedules or intensive running programmes that are probably destined to fail even before they have started. Here are a few ideas.

Get a dog


A dog is a commitment and it needs to be looked after properly. A huge part of looking after a dog is walking it and giving it the exercise that it needs. So find yourself something that needs looking after and which can contribute to your weight loss goals. Start small but identify a pooch that will grow. Maybe see if you can find dogue de bordeaux puppies for sale. Or Labradors. They won’t need to be taken for long walks when you get them, but as they get older and bigger they will need to have their leg’s stretched a couple of times a day. You and your puppy can get fit together and if all goes according to plan your waist will be getting smaller while your pup is getting bigger.

Always take the stairs


From a staying in shape perspective elevators and escalators are the enemy. To all intents and purposes they stand in front of you and shout at you to be lazy. It’s almost impossible to avoid them and take the stairs. But the stairs it is that you should take – no matter how tired and wary you feel. Because the more you take the stairs the less tired you will feel and the easier it will be to stay away from the lift. It might seem like a minor adjustment but it can have major benefits in a very short space of time – after all losing weight is just about getting your heart rate up.

Reduce your alcohol intake


When looking to lose weight people are always quick to focus on things like sugar and carbohydrates and cutting them out of their diet. There’s nothing wrong with that strategy at all. But alcohol is often overlooked and overlooked to the detriment of the person drinking it. Sure a glass a red every evening is good for you, but too many glasses of wine or beer and all the benefits of cutting out sugar and carbs are undone. So if nothing else, be very aware of how much liquor you are consuming and make sure that it is controlled and not too often. Also, make sure that you don’t reduce beer intake to weekends but then replace it with sugary soft drinks – if you do that you are switching out one problem with another and the results that you crave so badly will not be achieved.