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Signs of A Gambling Problem

Gambling has been an enjoyable pastime for a long time and continues to grow in popularity even today.  However, there are some drawbacks to gambling with addiction being the main problem.  

If you, or someone you may know, seems to have a problem with gambling, there are some signs that can indicate if they are in fact addicted to gambling.  Let’s take a look at the eight signs so you can find them the help they need.

Risky Gambling

Gambling itself is a risk, that’s part of the thrill of the whole experience.  However, gambling with money that you really can’t afford to lose, such as money that is supposed to be paying your rent or mortgage, is an indicator that you may have a problem.  

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Using More Money

Most people gamble with money they have set aside for this specific purpose.  This is so they don’t over do it and spend more than they can really afford to lose.  When you or your friends start to gamble with more and more money, the potential for a gambling problem is starting to grow.

Gambling Takes Priority

Another indicator of a gambling problem is how you prioritise your activities.  Just as many alcoholics need a drink to start their day, many with gambling problems place betting and gambling activities as a higher priority than important events, such as appointments, class work, and for some, even their jobs.

Emotional Effects

It’s completely normal to get excited when you win a jackpot, or bummed when you lose.  However, those with a possible addiction tend show more emotions such as lowered ambitions, remorse, and possibly depression.  When something positive happens, they want to celebrate by gambling.  

Recover Losses by Gambling

When someone has a gambling problem, they will often times attempt to recover money they had lost gambling by gambling even more.  Their mindset is that they are due to win and can win big.  However, they are simply throwing money away and worsening the situation.

Extreme Money Needs

By extreme money needs, we mean that people with gambling problems will take drastic and regrettable measures in order to get their hands on some money when their bank accounts are tapped out.  While some will stop at simply borrowing money, some will turn to theft or other crimes to satisfy their gambling needs.

Can’t Stop

If you decide you want to step away from gambling but find that you can’t, you may have a gambling addiction.  Gambling consumes your every waking moment and leaves you trying to find ways to gamble.

Beyond Entertainment

For most, gambling is a form of entertainment.  They play for fun and spend only what they have set aside for that specific activity.  For the addicted gambler however, it goes beyond the simple entertainment value.  They place bets as a method for escaping their problems or whatever issues they may be facing.  

If you, or someone you know, display any of these signs, they could possibly be demonstrating that they have a problem with gambling.  Seek help and stop the control that gambling has on your life.