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Removing a Belly Button Ring When Your Piercing is Infected

Belly button piercings can get nasty. It has to be handled correctly for it needs a considerable amount of time to heal. Removing the jewelry or playing with it is not advisable if the piercing is still new. If the belly button is two months old, then it is safe to take out the ring from the piercing when it is infected.

The rings may get stuck in the piercing because of swelling, puss buildup, or infection. Removing a belly button ring when the piercing is infected can be tricky and painful. To minimize the pain during the procedure, below are the steps that you may follow.


Before removing the ring, soak your belly button in the water. This will make the skin wet and soft and easier to deal with. Afterwards, apply a small amount of hydrocortisone cream to your fingertips. Lightly dab the cream around the piercing hole. Gently put some cream to the shaft of the belly button ring too.

Removing the Belly Button Ring

Once the cream is around the piercing hole and shaft of the ring, you can now proceed to the removal of the belly button ring. First, slide the belly button ring slowly and gently through the piercing. Continue doing this motion back and forth until you feel that the ring slides well.

Word of caution: If the piercing has pus or swelling inside due to infection, the back and forth motion mentioned above can be painful.

Next, slowly adjust the belly button ring in order to make the opening end faces outward. For those who have belly button rings instead of a bar, what you can do is slide the opposite end of the bar inside your navel to make the opening end go out.

Word of caution: Again, if your piercing is infected, sliding the bar may be painful.

After adjusting the ring or sliding the bar, clean and dry your hands. Then, gently unhook or twist the ball of the jewelry to open it. In case you cannot do it with bare hands, use a pair of small pliers to pry the ring open. Lastly, slowly and gently pull out the belly button ring or bar from the piercing.

Before you go through the procedure outline above, you can first get an anti-inflammatory ointment from the nearest pharmacy or even from the piercing shop itself. The swelling can go down despite the infection if you use the ointment. It is advisable to let the swelling go down before you proceed with the removal of the belly button piercing jewelry to minimize the pain that you will feel. After the removal of the jewelry, do not insert a new one until the infection is gone.

The process of inserting a new jewelry or the presence of a foreign object while there is still an infection in your piercing can lead to the aggravation of the infection. It is best to leave the piercing free from any unnecessary objects while it is infected. While there is no jewelry in the piercing, you can focus on treating the infection and cleaning the piercing. If the infection is so bad, seek professional help as soon as possible. But if the infection is mild, you can treat it at home with sea salt solutions and creams or ointments prescribed for your infection.

Last but not the least, safe keep your jewelry once you get it out. Sanitize it first and wash it properly to prevent any accumulation of bacteria and germs. Dry it with a paper towel and store it in a clean box.