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Refilling a Toner Cartridge is as Easy as Changing a Light Bulb

When a cartridge runs out of toner, a user has two options – to buy or refill.  An OEM replacement is expensive while a compatible toner refill kit is financially liberating. In terms of cost, a toner refill kit is almost 90% cheaper compared to an OEM replacement. And possibly due to the disparity in cost many would prefer refills to save on printing expenditures.

The promise of savings drives a lot of people to take the extra effort to observe and learn the cartridge refill process. For the technically inclined, the refill process should be a breeze. But for those too spooky on instructions, some toner shops will do refill for a price.

For those interested, the refill process is outlined below:

  1. Finding or creating a toner refill hole

The first step is to check the empty cartridge for a built-in toner refill hole. A Brother TN-250 cartridge for example has such because toner refilling is encouraged by the printer manufacturer. The refill hole is sealed with a plug that directly access the toner supply chamber of the cartridge.

For cartridges that do not have a fill hole, additional processes will be required before a toner refill can be done. Foremost, the user will need to drill (make) a refill hole. Creating a toner fill hole should be easy though because compatible toner refill kits are regularly provided with tools and instructions designed to guide the refill process.

  1. Clearing the toner chamber from old toner

Once opening of the toner chamber is accomplished, the user must free the cartridge first of leftover toner. This cleaning process is so important because mixture of new and spent toner can cause print irregularities. Also, take note that toner requirement varies from printer to printer model, or from cartridge to cartridge. It is a necessity that the right or the most appropriate kind must only be used in the process.

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  1. Refilling the cartridge with new toner

When pouring toner, caution must be observed because the material is powdery and lightweight, even minimal air flow can send it airborne. Once pouring is complete seal the fill hole securely. And that’s it! The user can now reload the refilled cartridge into the printer and start printing. The process of refill is so easy that it may take only a couple of minutes to do the entire refill process.

The Availability of Refill Toner

The only remaining problem is the source of toner. However, where to buy compatible toner refill for cartridges has ceased to be a problem, because the market abounds with supplies. What may deter some users is probably the quality of the supplies. Toner quality vary from supplier to supplier, so it is important that buyers scrutinize the product thoroughly. Reliable supply stores presumably only sell good quality products.

All the plus factors support the use of refilled toner cartridges as replacement. The cost is downright cheap, but performance is at par with the OEM counterpart. Not a thing separates the alternative toner supply from the OEM in terms of performance and print quality. But what makes refill special is possibly the cost, since the alternate toner is hideously cheap.

Remember, to refill a toner cartridge is as easy as changing a light bulb. So, do refills to save a lot in printing expenditures.