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Real Estate Market Sentiment At All Time High In Singapore

Going back to 4Q 2015, there have been some huge increases for real market sentiment throughout Singapore. In fact, there have been ten consecutive quarters of increases. This is not a small feat by any means. There is no question that those who are interested in global real estate sentiment should pay close attention to everything going on with Singapore. All sectors of the various property markets have been impacted by these impressive gains. At the same time, these improvements with performances were remarkably broad-based.

This means that we cannot simply look at one aspect, when we study this issue in greater detail. In order to fully appreciate just how much real estate market sentiment in Singapore has evolved, there are several elements we are going to need to study.

Understanding Real Estate Market Sentiment In Singapore

New launches have been seeing a range of increases, with respect to the Singapore real estate market. Both prime and suburban residential areas showed the strongest performances for 1Q18. This gives us a good idea of what’s going on in the present, but this isn’t the full story.

In terms of future sentiment scores, the number increased to a stunning 7.0 for 1Q18. This is a climb from the 6.9 number that was posted in 4Q17. This is a key component to the fact that real estate sentiment has increased through ten consistent quarters. This has occurred since the noted trough of 4Q15. At the same time, you must appreciate that while the rate of increases with the sentiment index has been positive, the upturn momentum is apparently moving at a slower pace, from one quarter to the next.

Both current and future net balance figures indicate improvement for every sector during 1Q18. There is also a good deal of optimism for both the residential and the suburban residential sections. These are currently the two best performers, as far as 1Q18 is concerned. Both of those sectors are expected to continue to improve, as time goes on.

The Next Step For Real Estate Market Sentiment

While virtually all submarkets are showing increases and improvements, the entire picture isn’t quite that perfect. The prime retail sector remains the sole sector negative balances for both the present and the future.

A number of potential risks were also discussed with those who have insight and experience in the Singapore real estate market. Those potential concerns can be broken down into the following:

  • Rising inflation/interest rates: This remains a key concern among many. The question then is how much of a concern this is ultimately going to be.
  • Excessive launches of property: While this is certainly a concept that is going through a major period of expansion, many respondents and experts remain concerned. As is often the case with subjects like property launches, everything is going to come down to the point which the launches of property come to a head.
  • Government intervention in the market: In this regard, Singapore is very similar to other countries throughout the world. Everyone wants to benefit from a strong market. No one really wants the government to define that market too intensely.

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