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Qualities of an efficient airport runway sweeper

It is obvious that an airport should be kept clean at all times. This does not just mean the facilities within the airport but also the runway where the planes use as landing spots. Every airport is faced with the decision on which sweeper they should choose. The runway should be clear of any rubble or leaves or even nuts and bolts. This article covers the top qualities that you should look for when you are purchasing an airport runway sweeper.

This goes without saying, you need a sweeper that will not only clean the surface but it should clean it within the shortest time possible. This is especially so for busy airports where you have many planes landing and taking off on that runway. Getting a fast sweeper will ensure there are no delays in planes as they try to clean up the run way.

You do not want to purchase a sweeper that will need maintenance every other day. Ensure that the sweeper you buy is proven and will last long. While on the same point ensure you buy a sweeper that is easy to find spare parts if the need arises. You should therefore purchase your sweeper from a credible and trustworthy manufacturer. It is important to mention that the more movable parts that a sweeper has the more the maintenance costs you will incur. This is one of the important points that you must keep in mind before you can commit to purchasing a certain airport runway cleaner.

Just like any other machine that you purchase it should be efficient. This means that it should be in a position to clean all the debris on the runway. If you choose to purchase a vacuum sweeper, for example, ensure that the nozzle is large enough to suck in all the debris. Also, if you buy one with a broom ensure that the bristles are large enough to reach debris stuck in cracks on the runway. In this case ensure that you get one with bristles that are adjustable. It is also important that it does not release smaller debris into the atmosphere through its exhaust.

There are some sweepers, especially the ones that use brooms that produce dust especially if the runway is not well tarmacked. This could be an environmental problem especially for the person who is operating the sweeper. If the runway is not well tarmacked, ensure you choose a sweeper that produces less dust. You could consider purchasing a vacuum sweeper.

There are plenty of factors that are considered when a person is looking into purchasing a runway sweeper. The factors named above are just a few of the main considerations to make but there are others such as versatility of the sweeper considered.