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PR and Marketing Trends Predicted for 2018

As we move into the new year, it makes sense to think about the trends that are likely to influence 2018 in marketing and PR. So what will be the topics that preoccupy the minds of in-house professionals, freelancers and agencies alike?


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Influencer Marketing

This will continue to be a real powerhouse of marketing for the year ahead, but the way that brands use influencers looks set to change. Specialist marketing agencies that deal with high-profile influencers on social media platforms, in particular, will increasingly be able to demonstrate the value of sponsored posts and other promotional content, allowing clients to assess the potential ROI before they invest.

Content Creation

The use of print media will continue to dwindle, and digital channels will continue to grow. This will mean that PR and brand professionals will have excellent opportunities to meet the demands for fresh content in high volumes. However, greater amounts of time will need to be spent on the creation of quality content and its planning, and investment will need to be made in evaluation metrics that measure SEO activity as part of PR deliverables.

Ongoing Integration

Further strides will be made in the integration of digital and traditional social media with PPC and PR with SEO. PRs will now increasingly need to factor in owned, paid-for and shared media alongside traditional earned media in order to get the results that they are aiming for. Agencies that offer digital PR, national and local SEO services, such as https://www.elevateuk.com/seo-services/, will naturally be well positioned for these changes.


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Video Content

Just three years ago, video content was already being recognised as offering the best ROI by over 50% of marketing professionals, and as the consumption of online content continues to grow, the need for and production of video content will increase too. Research suggests that over 80pc of web traffic will consist of video content by 2021, and smart PRs are already factoring this into their plans.

Successful professionals will already be anticipating these trends and working out strategies and delivery plans that will respond to them. The success of marketing lies heavily in anticipating what customers want and ensuring that it is delivered in a way that exceeds those expectations – so quality, speed and innovation will continue to be key to success, along with significant digital knowledge.