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Popular Science Magazine and ValueMags

 Popular Science Magazine is getting a lot of attention recently since it has begun covering the United States Robotics competition. There are variety of things that have happened with the Robotics competition this year that have the media talking. As a result of the spike in media and popularity, ValueMags has decided to provide an extra amount of marketing for that magazine. ValueMags is a marketing and distribution company that is located in Chicago, Illinois. They are working for the majority of magazines throughout the United States.

One of the major news stories covered related to the competition is that an Iranian group of girls could not afford or be given permission (because of the travel Visa/travel ban situation) into the United States. When President Trump heard about this, he immediately granted them access. Although they are from Iran, they are brilliant women that could contribute to scientific advancements within the United States. On another note, the Burundi team was reported missing and it is said that they are likely seeking asylum. These teens likely fled so they do not have to go back to their own country.

ValueMags found in recent news that if they are planning to cross into Canada, they will be sheltered. Montreal has opened up their olympic stadium to illegal immigrants for housing for now. They will be given the chance to plead their case to stay but will likely be sent home.

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