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Photo Editing Guide on Movavi Photo Editor for Beginners

Movavi Picture Editor allows you to remove one or more unwanted objects from your photo without having to be tech savvy. It is possible to retouch a photo to the ideal standard no matter how complicated object seems for you to delete. You can use the tool to remove anything that is spoiling the quality of the photo like animals, watermarks, text that appear across the photo, and strangers. It is suitable for removal tiny or large detail that appears to be in the way. There are only 3 simple steps to follow to get rid of the unwanted elements in the photo. First, you must have the photo ready on your desktop.

Next, you must use your mouse cursor to drag the photo into the area that says drag and drop here. After that, you must go to Object Removal and select the brush tool. You can take some time to scrutinize the photo for any unwanted detail before start using the brush tool to paint them. You just need to brush a stroke on the object to mark it as an unwanted object. When you are ready to erase them, you simply click the Start Erasing button and the software will work on removing them. The area will be reconstructed with the pixels nearby to the boundary of the selected object.

Movavi picture editor software allows you to rotate a photo in clockwise and counter clock wise direction. It can rotate the photo in 90 degree increments everytime you press the flip button. The two buttons above are for flipping horizontally. You can click the left button to flip the photo to the left horizontally b 90 degree. Clicking the right button will flip the photo to the right horizontally by 90 degree. The two buttons below are for flipping the photo vertically.

The cropping tool allows you to crop just the part of the photo that you want to use. For example, if you have a photo of a small girl, you can use the cropping tool to crop just her face so the the scenery at the back is not seen. When you select the crop tab,  a dotted white rectangle frame will appear. You must hold down your mouse on the corner of the frame to expand or reduce the size. The cropping frame can be moved to the area that has the object you want to crop.

Movavi Picture Editor also has a built in text editor that features basic text formatting features as well as giving you the ability to tilt the text and making the text look fade. Every time you want to add a text bock onto the photo, you must click the add text button. The remove all text button allows you to erase away all the text blocks that you add on the photo.

If your photo is too big or too small for use in your project, you can resize it with the resize tool in Movavi Picture Editor. There are two options to resize the photo and the first option requires you to enter the width and height of the photo in pixels. The second option allows you to enter a percentage to resize the photo.