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Natural Weight Loss with Garcinia Cambogia

The biggest challenge for people who are trying to lose weight is not the actual weight loss. The dilemma lies in knowing the right weight loss supplements, especially with the high number of fake products in the market today. However, research shows that Garcinia Cambogia is an exceptional supplement which helps individuals loses a significant amount of weight within the shortest duration. The supplement which is extracted from the Garcinia Cambogia fruit rind has been around for a very long time making experts feel comfortable about recommending it.

What is Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia cambogia is a citrus fruit mainly grown in Southeast Asia. Initially, it was used as a cooking supplement especially in oriental cuisine as a spice. However, a couple of years back, researchers discovered its significant use as a dietary supplement in weight loss. Through its active ingredient, the hydroxycitric acid (HCA), the diet is known to cut down an individual’s appetite and prevent creation of fatty cells around the belly. Usually, it is in the form of a pill or powder and sometimes included in snack bars. Typical doses are administered between 250mg and 1,000 mg per day.


Garcinia cambogia proven to work in clinical studies

In clinical studies, Garcinia Cambogia has been proven to be an effective weight loss and an appetite curbing supplement. These studies strongly rely on the active ingredient, the hydroxycitric acid that is naturally present in the fruit.

It appears that the active ingredient hydroxycitric acid mainly found in the rind of the fruit first acts by boosting the metabolism rate of the body. Once the metabolic rate is triggered it raises the level of activity in the brain through the serotonin chemical, which is known to curb appetite making one feel less hungry. Similarly, the supplement is also known to block the citrate lyase enzyme responsible for generating fat in the body. All these activities then leave the brain and the body with only one option and that is to use the stored fat around the waist, arms and thighs, translating to weight loss.

Health Claims: Fact or Fiction?

It is undoubtedly true that Garcinia Cambogia Dr Oz contains the organic HCA acid. Claims states that the supplement works by making one feel full, reduces appetite and affects the metabolism rate. Precisely, it is these claims that have led many people to classify it as a natural weight loss diet. As such, it is still remains whether these claims are facts or fiction. Firstly, research is not yet conclusive that the supplement affects appetite by making one full, but through the active HCA ingredient present in the diet. However, studies indicate that Garcinia Cambogia increases the metabolism rate in the human body and thus accelerate fat breakdown.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Overall, there are thousands of customer reviews on the effectiveness on the Garcinia Cambogia supplement. Most significantly, all these reviews are in direct correlation with the purity and quality of the diet. Besides, the negative review are only associated with a brand of poor-quality supplements. Thus, the importance of buying the supplement from only trusted sources. It is also recommended that when individuals should combine the supplement with a bit of exercise. While it is known to work wonders, the diet will not help you lose weight when eating all junk food on the couch all day. Ultimately, when taken properly, Garcinia Cambogia will lead to surprisingly weight loss results within a very short period of time.