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Most Important Social Media Tools To Keep In Mind For Your Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management tools can be summed up and placed into one of several categories depending on their functionalities and benefits. ORM companies and ORM services can sometimes fail to implement the proper tools for your brand. CEO and founder of Smart Insights, Dave Chaffey, wrote an informative article on these different categories and why he believes they hold an importance to your overall reputation management. The original article is available for further information on i-scoop.com. Below is a summary of the categories as defined by Chaffey.

Wide Scope Monitoring Tools

Any ORM company or ORM service that implements the use of these tools is promoting the use of social medias and other interactive platforms in order to reach out to your audience. The prices that brands pay to implement these tools are relatively high due to the high success rate. The results that brands see come from scope monitoring tools speak for themselves. This category of tools relies on customer engagement and reaching out to your target demographic.


The main purposes of the tools used within the blog-based category are to monitor the customers that your brand is appealing to.

PR, Brand Reputation and Media Management Tools

This category focuses on the influence that other consumers have on your brand. Their opinions and reviews matter to the success of your company as they serve as influence for other consumers to either do business with you or take their business somewhere else.

Free Social Media Tracking Tools

The functions of the tools in this category are spelled out within the name. There are free tracking tools that exist for your brand to monitor the mentions of your brand’s name within social media interactions.

Fraud Protection, Security, and Threat Detection

These tools are meant to protect your brand against any type of online threats that are made by online consumer interactions.

News Media Tracking

These tools keep your brand up to date with all the news worthy events happening worldwide. These tools will help keep your brand informed.

Social Media Within Sales Management

These tools are more B2B focused.

ORM companies and ORM services utilize several tools within these categories in order to strengthen reputation management efforts for their clients. If you wish to know more about the tools and tactics an ORM company or ORM service is using for your online reputation management, consult the online article.