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Men’s summer fashion trends

With the increasing temperatures, everyone looks forward to hitting the beaches and soaking up the sunshine and enjoying time in the warmer weather. As the season changes, so does the fashion. They go hand in hand. It’s normal to want to wear lighter more breathable fabrics as the mercury rises.3

Every year, designers come up with new and trendy styles so the fashion conscious can pounce on the must have pieces once they are out. You can check out your favourite fashion bloggers or celebrities to know the latest in summer fashion trends. Common pieces in men’s fashion are bomber jackets, short sleeved shirts and boardies for men.

Keep reading below to know the top trends for men’s fashion for the summer:

Bomber jackets: these are must have pieces for when the temperature rises. They come in a wide range of prints and can be paired with jeans and tees for a dressed up or casual look. They are also available in a range of comfortable breathable materials so they are perfect for when it gets cool during summer nights.

Short sleeved shirts: shirts are a must have for a stylish man’s wardrobe but not the long sleeved ones that suffocate you. During summer, opt for oversized polos and bold and bright printed shirts which showcase a true beachy vibe. They can be paired with darker bottoms or even more neutral ones as they come in a wide range of colours and prints.

Short story: Shorts are a versatile staple in any man’s wardrobe. They can be found in a range of prints and textures ranging for denim to striped and polka dots. Pair them with a shirt or t-shirt and you are ready to go about your day. The current trend is to opt for shorter shorts and this trend has already invaded the runaways at women’s fashion shows and now is slowly making way into men’s wardrobes as well.

Chinos and trousers: summer calls for light weight and breathable fabrics and what a better way than opt for linen trousers or chinos? They can give you the polished look you want when paired with a button down or a more casual weekend look when paired with a polo tee. The choice is endless when it comes to pairing these versatile pieces with tops to create complete outfits.

Overalls: overalls are not for kids, this trend has been slowly making its way to runaways across the world and has gained immense popularity for the fact that overalls are a versatile piece which can be paired with a white tee or with darker hued clothing for a more formal look.

When it comes to fashion and trends, it’s all about what is popular at the moment. What is popular today won’t be tomorrow and therefore it is important to keep abreast of the latest styles and trends and always look polished and put together.

Keep the above list handy so you know the must have pieces for this spring/summer session.