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Marketing and Communication for Events

The GWC Valve Company understand the importance of hosting different events when they are launching a new product. Podcasting is something that can be very useful for the organization since it is a method of distributing multimedia files such as audio or video programs, for playback. It allows listeners and customers to access to content that they can listen to at their leisure. Podcasting also involves marketing to customer who are interested in your product or services and allows for a more intimate contact as it uses mp3 sound technology. During the event, having a viral video is very important and this can be done with YouTube.

E-blasts are also important tools for communication since there is high volume marketing via e-mail and you can establish a dialogue and confirm that the recipient wants future mailings and not to overdo it by alienating the customer. When sending emails, you need to focus on why a customer would actually read your emails and you need to keep it simply since customers will only send short and concise emails that get right to the point.

At the event, the room design software is just as important and having computer aided design software to graphically enhance room design presentation, a great range in price and design, be able to create a 3D tour of room setups and hotels can also enhance by providing actual room images to incorporate into the images. For the organization, when they are showcasing their new products, it is important to be able to sell the show floor. Having a type of virtual enhancement in the trade show floor selling process is important, it provides updated layouts, use of colors to help design and helps buyers locate an appropriate floor space. Using a web pre-registration is important and this can be done with EventBrite. It is important to be able to integrate data collected online with what is collected manually and be able to keep track of all expenses.