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Making split screen video in Movavi Video Editor

The split screen video means two videos going side by side. It is not so easy to make Split Screen Video. By combining and creating a split screen video you can impress the viewers. But the question is that how to do that?

Here is an answer for it, it can be easily done by any software called video editing software. There are many software in the market, but the best software is Movavi Video Editor. It is helpful in creating Two Videos Side By Side. It is easy to use and comes in Windows version and Mac version.home

For making split screen video, you need to download the Movavi Video Editor. For downloading and editing videos just follow the below mentioned steps:

Download the split screen video maker

For making split screen video you have to download Movavi Video Editor on your computer. As the downloading is finished it will automatically run.

Add videos to the program

After the set up of the software is launched you have to add videos to the program but remember that videos should be mostly similar so that it does not confuse the viewer. For uploading video, select Create Project in Full Feature Mode in the welcome window. Then select Add Files in options and add the videos. You can even add video’s from its partner’s stock video library by selecting Sample Video to make it fancier.

Transfer video to an Overlay track

When you add the video it is added to video track on timeline i.e. in the lower part of the program. So to edit the video, just drag the video to an Overlay Track above the Video Track where you edit the video.

Choose how your split screen will appear

You can choose the option like horizontal or vertical for split screen appearance. You can choose it from Preview Window and select the option Side By Side. Then you can decide about which video to be played on which side and then click on Apply to start the video editing.

Manage the sounds

As you have added two videos on the program editing area, so they both have sounds which plays at the same time. So for managing the sound you have to click on Mute Track option either on video track or overlay track. So it will play only one sound track from any of the videos.

Save your clip

After doing every change your Split Screen Video or Side by Side Video is ready now you can save it. For this you have to click on Export button and select the suitable format from the tab on the left side of the window. You can even save the video on computer, mobile and even convert it for web export. After doing every change, just click on Start.

So your Split Screen Video is ready and it is easy to create a split screen video with the help of Movavi Video Editor. So just download it if you want to make your own split screen video.