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Know to Protect Your Health from The Effects of Air Conditioner

When the summer comes, it becomes really difficult to survive the hot and harsh days without an air conditioner. It is very convenient to use an air conditioner to overcome the hot and humid summer days. However, having an air conditioner at your place is not just harmful for your wallet, but for your health too. Many people are unaware of the health risks that can come up when you have AC units around all the time. You should know about these health hazards and what needs to be done to remain safe.

Ac Units and Poor Air Quality

The air quality in the room may deteriorate when the air conditioner is not maintained properly. You may develop several kinds of respiratory problems and other diseases. Though there are also ways to minimise such risks that you can follow. You can go for top quality air conditioners like LG that takes care of such issues.

Since air conditioners are used widely now, whether it is home, cars or any work place, it is very important to acknowledge the fact that there are ways to deal with the air quality problems that the air conditioner can cause. Some of the most common reasons that air conditioner causes poor air quality are:

  • There are many air conditioners that recirculate the indoor air to save energy, but this can cause a negative effect on the air quality when there are less than 15 cubic feet per minute per person outside air to makeup
  • One of the most common reasons for bad air quality your AC units can provide is the dirty filters. They restrict the air flow and can accumulate dust, mold spores and other airborne particles.
  • The dirty air filters can’t stop the pesticides and allergens to enter your home and you may catch a disease too quickly.
  • Some window units are not sealed properly and let the outside air in. This way your AC may need to work more to provide the desired temperature.

Protect Your Yourself

You can buy some safe and energy efficient air conditioner on Amazon. There are many steps that you can follow to make your AC unit safe and some of them are:

  • One of the easiest and important way to ensure your AC is not deteriorating your room’s air quality is to maintain the air filters. You need to check for the manufacturer’s instructions to clean and change air filters and perform the cleaning process according to it.
  • Perform the regular HVAC checks by a trained and skilled technician and fix the problem if there is any.
  • Do not continue using the same air conditioner for more than ten years. Also prefer using fan only mode on the AC unit.
  • Make sure to change the air filters in the air conditioner of your car after every 15,000 miles for a cleaner ride.

If you can’t live without an air conditioner and if your city is too hot, you need to check for ways that make your air conditioner safe and healthy.