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Juice extracting experts choose Samson Welles hydraulic press juicer

Who would actually resist a glass of a fresh juice in the morning after some long hours of sleep? Supposedly, nobody would. Especially in case when nutritious drink is prepared by own efforts, using one of the top rated juicers as a working mean.

It so turned that under the term juicer people usually understand a motor-driven appliance, producing quite a lot of noise and working on a high rotation speed to squeeze ingredients with maximum efficiency. If one digs deeper, quite often the manually operated devices get neglected, for they are just treated as an outlived sort of goods. Hasten to say, that’s an absolutely ignorant approach to the matter. In what refers to the quality of produce, there’s simply no better tool than a hand-driven hydraulic press.


The key principles of work

In case with Samson Welles juice extractor there’s no need to go in details about the level of noise and motor’s horse power. The product is totally electricity independent, which surely provides owner with some significant benefits and opportunity to use the device regardless of place and working conditions. The hydraulic juicer press has a sturdy powder coated construction that is designed to prevent rust or any sign of oxidation. As was already mentioned, the press mechanism is operated manually and is projected to create a pressure of the whole 2 tons in weight equivalent. A force like that can easily squeeze every last drop from practically any type of ingredient, either we speak of oranges of leafy greens. Also, the fact it’s hand-driven gives you a full control of the juice extraction process. Thus, it’s up to you to decide whether the yield is enough or some extra efforts are required to do the job perfectly.

Advantages of owning a hydraulic presser


Of course, when speaking of a hydraulic presser one needs to say it doesn’t do any harm to nutrients fruits/vegetables normally contain. The absence of a heat factor positively influences the overall produce and allows the vitamins to be extracted in their original state. No more lack of minerals or metallic taste of your juice. The resulting drink saves its beneficial properties up to three days in total and boasts a simply unmatched taste. Omit the fact you would have to apply some physical efforts to get what you want and you’ll receive a product that finds no match on the current market of electric appliances.