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JEE Mains – Cracking the Exam with Success

If you have been wondering how to get into some of the top and finest engineering colleges across the country then the JEE Mains examination turns out to be the best choice to make. There are a whole lot of interesting things that one should get to know with regard to the examination and this would definitely help one with the successful outcome. The JEE mains examination has garnered huge attention and support from all corners, mainly because of the reason that it happens to be one of the toughest examinations that has over 14 lakhs people taking it up every year but only about a 20,000 people are able to clear and get a rank successfully.Image result for Things to Know About JEE Main Examination

Pattern and syllabus

One should get to know the syllabus and pattern with regard to the examination thoroughly before starting to prepare for the examination. There are a whole lot of assisting materials and sources out there and one definitely ought to take the right decision as to which source they want to go with. The pattern of the examination consists of Paper I and Paper II that deals with the subject Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics. The whole process of the examination should be understood well to arrive at a positive result. It includes a 3 hours examination and are divided into two papers overall.


Knowing the jee mains 2017 cutoff is essential to know as to what to expect out of the whole examination process. The previous year cutoff marks and the results should also be taken into comparison to arrive at a good result. There are a whole lot of interesting things to observe with regard to the examination and one should get acquainted with each and every aspect thoroughly with the help of a reliable and trustworthy source. The source website should be easy to use and should provide for all the relevant information in an organized manner. Some websites are also known to provide with sample question papers and previous year question papers that help the individuals to practice the examination in a more elaborate manner. There are hardly any hurdles that come associated with such well established and top notch websites and one should make the best use of it.

Make sure to put in necessary time and effort in picking out the best and most reliable website out of all and this would come across as huge help.