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Interruptive Advertising

For the reputation management agency, there’s nothing more annoying than interruptive advertising according to their employees.Not only does it slow down your work productivity when you are reading articles for new content, it is just simply pointless for them and they don’t consider themselves a consumer who will purchase something based on an advertisement anyways. Unless you are watching the Super Bowl, nobody likes advertisements. Whether it is a commercial ad, pop-up ads those annoying Facebook ads that split videos in half, everyone hates these ads. This is very common among the digital advertising world though and it could be coming to an end sooner than we all think; which is what we are hoping for.

A recent study by Forrester has shown that people are not only fed up with these interruptive advisements, they’re taking steps to put a stop to it. There are 38 per cent of adults in the U.S. who have some sort of ad blocker in place and 47 per cent actively avoid mobile in-app ads and 50 per cent actively avoid desktop ads.

With this study in place, advertisers need to realize that that is a huge percentage of the population that has been trying to avoid them. Their advertising methods aren’t working anymore and at this point it just seems like a waste of resources.

Now that users are becoming more tech savvy and figuring out how to block these ads and avoid them, marketers need to find new ways to adapt to the consumers without pissing off and annoying any potential new customers. Thinking outside the box for marketers is something that will come to their success. Now, everyone is just patiently waiting for these interruptive advertisements to stop but the process wont be immediate since large companies are still seeing much success. For example Google made 79.4$ billion last year by interrupting search results and Facebook is making 26.9$ billion in ad revenue by interrupting social interactions.