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How to Use Email for Crowdfunding

Since crowdfunding is a nascent industry in India, with only a small number of people with adequate knowhow of how a campaign is to started and managed end to end for the best chances of success, most leading crowdfunding companies like Impact Guru have measures in place to enable the campaigner to be in total control of their fundraising goals and have ownership of the processes they employ to reach their targets.

The commonest, and most useful and sensible of these measures, of course, is to assign a campaign manager for every single campaigners. This campaign manager, or relationship manager, guides the campaigner through the life cycle of a fundraising effort, showing them ways to maximize the outreach of the fundraiser and teaching them the simple tips and tricks to promote the fundraiser so that the largest possible number of potential donors is reached through social media sharing.

The best crowdfunding India campaign managers do not stop at recommending strategies for social media sharing for fundraiser. The best of this helpful and compassionate group of people, like the very competent and sympathetic Impact guru campaign managers, who know the crowdfunding system inside and out, will also coach a campaigner to seek out other ways of promoting a campaign, in somewhat unconventional ways.

One of these methods is usually to go offline with campaign coverage, by approaching the mainstream media or by holding an offline event with an open door policy for anyone who wants to attend and make a contribution to the campaigner’s chosen cause. Another method is to simply go through the old fashioned address book and call, one by one, old friends and acquaintances with whom the campaigner may even have fallen out of touch. The idea is to simply make a phone call, tell this friend about the ongoing fundraiser, and ask for a donation. More often than not, this directness and simplicity of approach works miracles.

In the same way, a good campaign manager with proper knowledge of what can make the donations come pouring in, will tell a first-time crowdfunding India campaigner that the good, old, no fuss email is an excellent way of bringing in generous donations. All you have to do, as a campaigner, is to take a look at your email contact list, make sure it contains updated information, and then send a well-written email out to these people you may know through work or school or college. With thirty minutes of research and a few clicks, you can get your story out to different parts of the world, to virtually an endless number of people, and at absolutely no cost!

It is important to craft this crucial message intelligently. Crowdfunding India experts suggest keeping it simple and short, and including a cogent call to action (a request to donate or to share) at the end. Put in a brief fund utilization plan. If possible, also include photos in the email. Focus on telling your story rather than stating your need more than twice.

It’s easy to overlook the power of the email for fundraiser promotion. We recommend giving it your best shot, because the rewards are endless.