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How to Safely Use Winstrol?

It’s no wonder that the use of anabolic steroid among athletes, weight lifters body builders etc. is quite widespread these days. This is possible because of the unique working capabilities of steroids. If you look around, a lot of body building supplements are available and Winstrol is one!

Winstrol, popularly called “Winny”, belongs to the group of androgen and anabolic steroids. It has gained immense popularity among fitness freaks because of its impressive results.

We have been asked by our readers about the safe use of Winstrol which is why we have done some research about Winstrol. So, read this article to find out how to use Winstrol pills safely for maximum benefits and minimal or no side effects.

Before proceeding, let’s discuss a little about Winstrol


Winstrol is sold under the brand name of Stanozolol. It possesses low androgenic and high anabolic effects. Winstrol serves a large number of body building benefits and hence you would find different users consuming Winstrol for different purposes.

It’s available in both, injectable and oral form. As compared to injectable form, oral Winstrol reacts more quickly, therefore it’s most preferred choice of athletes.

Benefits of Winstrol

Some of the body building benefits are:

  • It helps you get sturdy muscular appearance by eliminating excessive fat.
  • Helps you build lean and ripped muscles without water retention. This also increases oxygen transportation.
  • Enhancement of strength.
  • Boosted stamina and libido enhancement.


The dosage of Winstrol differs depending on the user’s need and health status. This is because different steroids react to different user depending upon the age, weight, health conditions etc. Winstrol can be used by both, male and female. However, it’s advisable for women not to take injectable dosage of Winstrol, as it’s pretty much stronger.

  • For men, dosage recommended is:
    • Injectable form: 35 to 75mg each day.
    • Oral form: 25 to 50mg each day.
  • For women, dosage (oral) recommended is 5 to 10mg each day

 The cycle should last for to 6 to 8 weeks in both the cases.


You can also stack Winstrol with other anabolic steroids for impressive result. Say, for gaining muscle mass, stack it with Anadrol, Testosterone, and Dianobol. Many advanced users use it in combination with strong supplements like Primobolan, Equipoise, Deca-Durabolin etc. It’s advisable to consult health experts or trainers before stacking it with strong supplements.

The use of Winstrol is not limited just to bodybuilders, weight lifters, fitness freaks etc, in fact, many baseball and football players use Winstrol for improving their performance. It’s absolutely safe and legal.