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How to lose weight fast at home

Many dieters associate losing weight with barely-calorie diets and vigorous workout sessions. In fact, there are proven tips that can help you to lose weight fast at home in an enjoyable way. Losing weight can be much more comfortable than you have ever thought it was. And below are 5 effective ways to accelerate the weight loss progress right at your home.

Eat smaller portions in smaller plates

Serving small portions has always been a common method to encourage the feeling of fullness in many restaurants. And this concept proves to work in losing weight. Larger portions will make you feel you can eat more. But smaller ones will help you eat significantly less food.

And the best part is that you might not even notice the difference. Also, presenting foods in smaller makes the portions look larger. Again, it promotes the feeling that you have it enough. Eventually, you will get used to eating less, which means taking in fewer calories.

Chew thoroughly

Slowing down your eating speed is also an excellent way to motivate the feeling of fullness. Scientifically, your brain needs time to process that you have had enough. Thus, chewing slowly and thoroughly allows for better brain processing, making you need less food to feel full.

Chewing thoroughly, besides the positive effect of decreasing the food intake, also helps you to absorb the nutrients better. In other words, it increases the efficiency of your digestion, facilitating the diuretic tract.


More protein and fiber, less carb and sugar

This is to show you that losing weight does not necessarily mean struggling with your diets. Many protein-rich foods are your top favorite foods: Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, eggs, milk, steak, ground beef for examples. These foods have powerful effects on appetite; they reduce the cravings while helping you to take in fewer calories.

Also, fiber-rich foods are the great supplements for your fitness. Such foods can be peas, lentils, broccoli, artichokes, and Brussels sprouts. What you should avoid are always sugar and carbohydrates. If you look down at your waist and think “this should stop now”, it’s time to strictly cut down on grains, bread, rice, sugar sweet, and starchy vegetables.

No junk foods in sight

We all know that the temptation of smell-good junk foods is hard to resist. But storing them where you can easily see them will increase the hunger, causing you to eat more of what is the enemy to your weight and your health.

Storing junks foods and snacks out of sight will make it less likely for you to suffer from the cravings. Also, it’s ideal if you can make the healthy foods and treats visible. This will encourage a healthier lifestyle, accelerating the weight loss progress.

More water instead of high-calorie drinks

You are determined enough to reach your weight goal; it’s now time to say no to high-calorie drinks like smoothies, sodas, and energy beverages. Along with drink more water, accommodating over the counter diet pills that work like Phentermine for the optimum result.

This combination is to ensure the best effect in losing weight. Also, the diet pills, when absorbed with a good amount of water, act as a boost to your energy. More importantly, they help to detoxify the organs, refreshing your body to ready it with the weight loss plan.


This writing hopefully provides useful knowledge on how to lose weight fast at home. And if you are in search of some reputable brand names for high-quality weight loss pills, visit bestweightlosspills.reviews for the detailed reviews and recommendations.