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How technology is transforming education

In the modern world, there’s very little that the technological revolution hasn’t influenced in one way or another. From the way people buy products for their homes to the manner in which citizens get around cities and towns, tech has been truly transformational. That’s also true in the world of education: many educational programs are now tech-friendly in nature, and students across the globe are benefiting from the increased focus on the potential of technology. Here are just a handful of the ways in which technology is helping students:

Learning aids

For many parents used to simple learning equipment,such as the wooden desks and basic chalkboards from their own school days, the idea of having tablet computers and laptops in the classroom as standard is something that may seem a little alien – or even a bit over the top. But for students and teachers, these items are vital parts of modern education, and it’s clear that without them, schools wouldn’t function quite as well. Students these days are using tablet computers for everything, from increasing accessibility to books to bringing their family into their learning, and the acceptance and widespread use of this technology is only likely to increase as time goes on.

Computer science

But there’s much more to technology’s impact on education than simple learning aids. As governments take steps towards ensuring that the technology sector skills gap is as small as possible, computer science is now a major part of the curriculum in many parts of the world. In the USA, for example, schools in states such as Arkansas and Indianahave already begun to teach students aspects of computational thought. This is also happening in various countries around the wider world. In the UK, meanwhile, just under half of schools provide computer science GCSEs. The Singapore international school also leads the way in this, and offers a range of digital citizenship provisions as well as virtual reality and robotics facilities.

Administration and marking

Any discussion of technology’s transformative role in the education world wouldn’t be complete without a look at how teachers are being helped, as well as students. Teachers can now do everything from the morning roll call to exam marking using technology, which saves teaching and administrativeresources and time, and ultimately means that pupil performance data can be analyzed much more effectively.

Technology has touched practically every aspect of people’s lives, and going to school is no exception. It’s now common for kids from all sorts of different countries to enjoy the benefits that technology can bring them every time they go to school, including reading and writing. Teachers, too, are getting in on the act, and are using innovative classroom management software packages to simplify everything from marking to calling the register. Overall, the world of education is changing for the better, thanks to the impact of technological advances – and it’s happening not just in the USA but across the globe, too.