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How AI can be used for web development

Artificial intelligence (AI) solutions such as chatbots, voice search and machine learning are transforming how people interact with companies through their websites and apps. As large e-commerce businesses such as Amazon implement AI to better understand their consumers’ desires and offer them relevant products that meet their needs, they are changing attitudes to purchasing online and transforming web development.


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An e-commerce revolution

According to Gartner, all the biggest e-commerce companies will use voice and visual product search by 2021. Implementing AI solutions on their websites will bring a 30 per cent increase in revenue, futurologists predict.

Online shopping will be transformed by AI because it makes searching for the right product faster. As consumers want to find things in the easiest way, they are increasingly expecting to be able to say what they are looking for instead of typing. Demand for voice search technology will only increase.

AI solutions can also be used to adapt your website to better meet your users’ needs and flex it in real time. Technology that evaluates the customer’s mood and understands their preferences is becoming commonplace on large e-commerce websites. With the information received from consumer interactions with a web page, this technology can dynamically modify your website to make it bespoke to each customer by displaying customised product recommendations, changing prices based on previous purchase history, showing personalised ads, and serving tailored video content to stimulate sales.


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A Reading web design agency such as http://www.starwebinnovations.co.uk/ can help you to determine how AI can benefit your business and develop website solutions that predict how your customers will behave. This will enable you to better serve them relevant products.

Transforming, translations and how we drive

Google’s co-founder Sergey Brin says that artificial intelligence is the most significant development in computing in his lifetime, with the company now utilising it in so many critical applications and it continuing to evolve rapidly; however, he emphasises that such tools also bring with them new questions and responsibilities and that web developers need to ensure they are not maliciously manipulating people.

E-commerce is just one function that AI is transforming, with tasks such as translating languages, adding captions to YouTube videos and even enabling self-driving cars to recognise objects all moving on thanks to artificial intelligence.