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Healthy cocktail recipes that can replace regular meals

By using a balanced diet, you will feel healthier, full of energy and you will be in a good mood. To achieve this effect, you should ensure that every meal contains appropriate nutrients. You know that you should eat vegetables, cereals, legumes etc. but they are often not as tasty as you might wish for.

But have you considered a liquid meal? Can a smoothie provide you with all the necessary vitamins and minerals that should be included in a wholesome meal? Yes actually it is possible; you can prepare a cocktail of healthy ingredients into nutrient filled meal replacement smoothies. What’s more, such a change from time to time will have a very positive effect on your body. Try these recipes for delicious and nutritious cocktails, which will also help you achieve your ideal weight.

A salutary cocktail

Usually, when you talk about cocktails, you consider sweet drinks based on dairy products (yogurt, cream, ice cream), which are most often high in calories and not very healthy. In fact, a cocktail is simply blended food in a blender. The number of ingredients you can use to prepare a delicious drink is amazing. However, first you need to know the benefits of these super healthy smoothies.

  •           They are easy to digest, especially recommended for people who eat meals very quickly, practically without chewing the food.
  • Every meal replacement smoothie you prepare should – to a greater or lesser extent – contain ingredients from individual categories. Of course, they should be adapted to your age, weight, daily routine etc.

 Examples of wholesome cocktails:

To help you prepare cocktails, here are several recipes for delicious and wholesome drinks that can successfully replace your meal:

  • Green cocktail: avocado, young spinach leaves, ripe banana, rice milk.
  • Red cocktail: strawberries, cooked beetroot, raisins, macadamia nuts, sunflower oil and berry juice
  • Orange cocktail: papaya, beetroot leaves, pine nuts, dried apricots, almond oil, oatmeal and wheat germ
  • Yellow cocktail: pineapple, hazelnuts, dates, sesame oil, apple juice and pollen

How should you drink cocktails?

Despite the smooth texture, the cocktails contain lots of raw and high-fiber ingredients. Therefore, one should drink them slowly, enjoying each gulp – in this way you will facilitate digestion and their absorption by the body.