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Hardware 101: Choosing a Gate Hinge

When trying to choose what gate hinge you want for your gate, there are a couple of things you should think about: the door width and gate height. It’s essential that you buy a gate hinge that can sufficiently support the gate, to make sure that it doesn’t have any problem latching.

Put It In Motion

First, think about the functionality of the gate; let’s say you want an automatic spring back, the best hinge for this job is the double-acting spring hinge. If you just require the gate to swing one way, a single-acting spring butt hinge will do the trick.

You will need to use two to three spring butt hinges to support the weight if you have a moderately heavy gate. Spring hinges come in several different materials and colours, so pick one that meets the style you’re going for. Stainless-steel, rust-resistant hinges, iron, bronze are durable in rainy and humid areas.

Hefty Hinges

The rule of thumb when dealing with old gates is that aluminium chain-link gates are lightweight; whereas wood-composite and wood gates are moderately heavy, but this depends on their width and height. Solid iron gates are heavy duty. Gates that are oversized have durable T hinges or strap hinges, that bolt down all the way through the wood or metal nuts and washers.

Think About Your Design

Just think about the design you’re after; if you want to preserve a rustic barn door motif, pick a surface mounted strap hinge. If you’re after a contemporary design, consider using a full-mortise, heavy duty hinge. You can get strap hinges that have bolt hooks which will provide a broader range of motion and enough thickness to support a heavy door structure. An additional advantage of incorporating bolt-hook strap hinges to your gate door is that you can easily lift it off of the bolt and remove the gate.

Ornamental Options

If you really want the hinge to stick out go for an ornamental option which is usually a butterfly hinge. These hinges are perfect as they have an elegant design and metal, heavy-duty construction. Scrolling T-hinges and medieval straps bring a level of elegance to almost any gate; however you need to check to make sure that they are made from materials that will support your gate. To browse through a range of heavy-duty, high-quality gate hinges visit: https://uesint.com/product-category/hinges/.