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Hardscaping 101: 6 Easy Maintenance Tips For Your Synthetic Lawn

With an appealing synthetic grass, never again will you have to mow, aerate, fertilize and use huge amount of water just to maintain the beauty of your lawn. However, it does not necessarily mean that artificial grass does not need any maintenance to keep it looking at its best. Let’s run through these 6 easy maintenance tips to maintain the magnificence of your lawn.

  1. Remove corrosive chemicals from your lawn.

One easy maintenance tips recommended by trusted turf suppliers like Australian Synthetic Lawns is to keep corrosive chemicals like harsh cleaners away from your lawn. Keep in mind that corrosive chemicals, along with organic materials like dead bugs, animal feces and leaves can break down, so keep them away from your lawn.

  1. Use water in removing debris.

If your fake grass doesn’t get enough amount of rainfall, rinsing it down with water can ward off organic matter that has hardened on it. Instead of using chemicals to clean your synthetic lawn, it is way safer to use water. Allow your lawn to air dry. And be sure to inform the kids so that they are aware of the slippery area.

  1. Remove stains.

When your synthetic grass gets stained, clean it up right away before it completely sets. You can use to rinse the stain away. The good thing here is that synthetic fibers resist stains. If you don’t have the luxury of time to do the cleaning, that’s OK. However, it is still way better to play it clean and safe as soon as possible.

  1. Rake the synthetic fibers.


The purpose of raking the fibers is to redistribute them to make the blades much more balanced. This maintenance step can help your fake grass to wear evenly, thus it will lasts longer. At the same time, you can also search for weeds because you sometimes poke through the grass. Use a gentle weed killer.

  1. Tackle animal waste promptly.

One of the best tips on how to maintain your artificial grass from Australian Synthetic Lawns is to tackle animal waste promptly as soon as you can. Just because you’ve removed pet waste does not mean the job is one. The area may still stink. Hence, if your lawn doesn’t receive rain yet, rinse it. You can mix water and white vinegar of equal amount to eliminate the stench.

  1. Protect it from burns.

Smoldering charcoal and cigarette burns can harm your fake grass. To prevent this from happening, avoid cooking on the grill or smoking when you are on your artificial lawn. That’s the purpose of your verandah or deck! Luckily, you can purchase fire-resistant grass from a reliable turf supplier in Sydney.

With these 6 easy maintenance tips, you would definitely maintain the beauty of your artificial lawn and prolong its lifespan. Surely, you will enjoy a grass that smells and looks great. After all, installing a synthetic lawn is all about creating an ideal space that attracts you to get out there and enjoy it.