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Garcinia Cambogia Premium Products: Studies Conducted and Effects

Garcinia cambogia, an odd looking fruit from Southeast Asia, has been used for centuries as a medicine in Ayurveda. Today, its extract is found in over 600 products in the market. The fruit has many health benefits, but so does its skin. The Hydroxycitric acid extracted from the rind of the fruit is believed to work wonders for weight loss and other health issues.

Garcinia cambogia research studies

Garcinia cambogia has been involved in many laboratory tests which involved small animals like rats and mice and has shown positive weight loss results. However, there are very few controlled studies and experiments carried out, which involved humans. Nevertheless, the ones which involved human participants have also shown positive results.

In one study, 50 obese women participated. All the participants were given the supplement along with a 1000 calorie diet for 2 months. There was a considerable weight loss observed in all the participants, but it was concluded that along with Garcinia cambogia supplement, 1,000 calorie diet also influenced the weight loss.

On the other hand, it is always recommended to combine weight loss supplements with enhanced exercise and nutritious low calorie diet to see effective results.


Effects of Garcinia cambogia on our body:

The main component of the fruit, hydroxycitric acid, which is extracted from its skin, is believed to have weight loss effects in the body. Hydroxycitric acid does it by:

  • Enhancing metabolism
  • Affecting thermogenesis process of the body
  • Preventing carbohydrates from converting into fats
  • Suppressing appetite

Garcinia Cambogia Premium

There are many weight loss products, which contain Garcinia Cambogia. However, as per well-known websites like FCK Fat, the ones which show best results are premium quality Garcinia cambogia products. Premium Garcinia Cambogia is the one which is marketed as 100% pure Garcinia Cambogia extract.

In simple words, you can define a premium Garcinia Cambogia product as those which come in 800 mg per serving and contain 60% hydroxycitric acid. In addition, it should not contain any ingredients, not even binders and fillers. It is ideal to look for drugs, which are manufactured in registered and FDA approved labs. Also, you want to buy only such Garcinia Cambogia products which comply with quality standards of the US Pharmacopeia.

Lastly, to ensure that you are buying premium quality product manufactured by renowned brands, check whether there is a money back guarantee on the product or not. This not only means that your money is safe, but also ensures that the manufacturer is confident about their product.