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Funding Platform Leads to Virtual Reality Success

For the ORM Los Angeles company, in order for any small business to be successful, normally some form of funding is required. One particular funding platform that has helped the virtual reality creators raise over $3 million to get their production and sales amped up. This funding platform is called Kaleidoscope, which has launched a funding platform for premium virtual reality content. This invitation-only marketed is limited to 500 members and is a place for VR industry leaders to get a first look at virtual reality films, games and other experiences. They will be available for pre-sales, licensing and other partnership opportunities. If you ask any founder in the VR industry, they will say that funding is the key to bringing virtual reality into the main stream.

When it comes to virtual reality it involves primarily looking into the future and despite technology making virtual reality as easy as opening up an application and strapping a headset to your face, most people just haven’t caught on to this or adapted to this. This funding platform, Kaleidoscope is the most interesting and compelling efforts to support the risk-taking VR creators said Ted Schilowitz who is a Futurist 20th Century Fox & Founder of the Red Camera Co.

The virtual reality market is projected to hit $25 billion by 2021 and investing in virtual reality is far from a bold move. Now it is a wait and see game for the funding platform Kaleidoscope to see if their investments are instigating that projection or merely taking advantage of this. Many people say if they were betting, they would bet that Kaleidoscope will make this come true for the virtual reality new world. Hopefully virtual reality is something that most people will start to get into. It seemed like there was a huge hype about it a year ago and lets hope it becomes more of a major trend in the upcoming years of technology.