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Five Celebrities with the Best Golf Handicap

It goes without saying that golf is more than just a hobby for people around the world, and it’s no different for celebrities. From soap opera stars to professional athletes, the game of golf takes everyone and rewards them the same.

Here is our list of the best five celebrity golfers around the world. Forgive us in advance for not including celebrities who portray great golfers. Bill Murray, the Caddyshack legend, is not in our top five, but he would likely be in the top ten. 

1. Jack Wagner

Who? Jack Wagner. Unless you have time to watch the soaps, you may not be familiar with this golf wizard. He has starred in Melrose Place and most notably General Hospital. According to our sources, he once shot a staggering round of 62 and has a handicap that is less than one. Maybe his green room has an actual putting green.Image result for Five Celebrities with the Best Golf Handicap

2. Kenny G

Maybe the G stands for Golf. The inspirational saxophonist is also an exceptional golfer. When you see some great hair blowing in the wind at Pebble Beach, you better get your phone ready because it could be him. Kenny has a handicap that is less than one, so you know that he knows his way around the links.

3. Tony Romo

The first athlete on the list, Tony Romo, has made a career of leading football teams to touchdowns. As a member of the Dallas Cowboys, Romo wears number 9 on his jersey. Symbolic of 9-holes perhaps. Romo was making some headway toward the possibility of playing on the PGA tour but had conflicts with his day job like many of us do. Recent back pain has limited his time on the course, but he still has some game with a handicap just over three.

4. Michael Jordan

Whether you refer to him as MJ, the GOAT, or His Airness, Michael Jordan is a true athlete. From the hardwood to the diamond and to the links, he has tremendous skill to do just about anything athletic. His career in golf has been very well publicized, in part, due to his celebrity and athletic prowess. You can bet, and he probably would too, that he will continue to focus on his game to reduce his four handicap.

5. Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake is an icon in the world of music. As a former leader of a boy band, he rose to individual stardom in movies and music. When he’s performing, you will likely find him at one of the two golf courses where he is a member. With a handicap that’s just below five, you know the kid can swing the sticks as well as he can belt out a tune. He loves the game and giving back, so he introduced his own tournament to benefit children.

These are just a few of the talented celebrities who love the game and have the skill to compete at a very high level.