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First Home Decorating Ideas

Bought your first home? Congratulations! Now on the next step- making it pretty! There are few things more daunting than decorating your first home. There are so many options and decisions to make that it’s hard not to feel weighed down by it all. Many of us are nervous about the thought of having to makeover the whole house from scratch.

There are so many pieces of furniture you have to think about- everything from beds and bar stools to dining and lounge sets. It can all be a little overwhelming!3

However with a few simple rules, anyone can master the art of decorating.

 Have a Plan

It can be hard to start without having a proper idea about what you want your home to look like so start by pouring over magazine pages, Pinterest boards and anything that catches your fancy and set up a mood board. When you have all your ideas in one spot, it’ll be easier to move from there.

Work out your budget

This is very important. If you have a strict budget, you could start focusing on just one room at a time. Start with the one you will spend the most time in. If you have a few thousand dollars extra to spend you might be able to splurge on quality pieces that will improve the look and feel of your house.

Pick a colour palette

Different things can inspire the colour palette for your house. It could be your favourite billboard sign, a work of art or a rug. It could even be a single colour. Whatever it is, start from there and slowly build your way around it. Let your inspiration piece be the focal point and use neutral colours like white, black and grey to compliment it.

Invest in good quality furniture

A sofa is one of the most important pieces of furniture any house can have, so be sure to get a good one. Even if you think it’ll just be a temporary guest, it will move from the living room to the family room to the basement. So don’t hold back. The same rule applies for a dining table. You can add other pieces like reading chair, mirrors and art work later but it’s important to set the base with high quality furniture.

Measure everything

Before you embark on the most important shopping trip of your life (for some people!), make sure to measure everything from doorways to floor space and take it with you when you go shopping. This can help you to decide if the furniture you chose can fit into your space and prepare for that by alternating your plans.

Don’t forget to relax!

Yes, you have bought your first home and it needs to have stuff in it. Big decision to make but it’s probably not the last time you will do it so don’t feel guilty if you make a few small mistakes along the way. After all, that’s how you learn. Have fun acquiring these new items and enjoy them whilst they last. However it looks, it’s your own private haven away from the world. Chill!